Medical & Surgical Oncology

What Is Surgical Oncology?

Surgical oncologists are surgeons who have also received extensive training in how to diagnose and treat cancer. Depending on the type of cancer you have, surgical oncologists may take part in multiple phases of your care. For example, your surgical oncologist may:

How surgical oncology works

At times, strong drugs (like those used in chemotherapy) or radiation can kill cancer cells and stop the illness. But other times, cancers need to be removed through surgery. Tumors may:

Our surgeons will assess your tumor to see if it can be removed. This can potentially cure your cancer or reduce its effects. In addition to removing your tumor or diagnosing your cancer, your doctor may suggest surgery for other reasons, such as to:

Types of cancer surgery

Surgeons can use:

In each case, proper anesthesia and pain control make surgery and recovery as comfortable as possible. Your care team will discuss which surgical approach is best for your situation.