Invasive & Non-Invasive Ventilation

Non-Invasive Ventilation VS Invasive Ventilation

When it comes to respiratory failure, COPD and other respiratory issues, there are different forms of ventilation to consider. There are many differences between non-invasive and invasive ventilation, and which one is used has lasting effects on both the facility using it and the patient ventilated. In this blog, we’re explaining why non-invasive ventilation can be so beneficial for residents and patients in long-term care facilities and hospitals.

What’s the Difference?

Invasive ventilation involves physically inserting a tube into the patient’s throat to take over respiratory function, which is called tracheal intubation. This invades the airway and patients are sedated for this task to be performed. 

Non-invasive ventilation replaces the tubes with a tight-fitting mask, placed over the patient’s nose and mouth. The positive airway pressure created gives a push behind each breath, allowing assistance in expelling carbon dioxide from the body. This delivers air through the airways without having to use uncomfortable force or needing to sedate the patient. 

Which is More Popular?

Invasive ventilation, while it has been widely used for many decades, poses drawbacks and disadvantages. It can become uncomfortable, cause possible complications and brings about the need for 1:1 staffing. 

As the technical aspects of NIV continue to develop, hospitals and facilities everywhere are using it more and more. Over the past two decades, NIV has become an essential tool in managing respiratory issues and is a great replacement for invasive ventilation.

How is NIV Beneficial?

Non-invasive ventilation comes with many benefits to both the patient and the facility using it. Some of the benefits include: 

As individuals get older, respiratory problems can become more prevalent. As you think about and consider what form of ventilation is best for your residents or patients, remember the many benefits of NIV. We’re happy to provide the respiratory services and products you need – click here to learn more about what we offer.