Fully Modular Operation Theatre

Modular Operating Theatre

We believe that the Modular Operating Theatre (MOT) technology should continuously advance the safety, precision, and efficiency of the surgical team. Medical technology should make the workflow faster and easier for clinicians. Interfaces should be familiar and intuitive — consistent across different workstations, thus reducing the potential for error. Innovations in workplace design and clinical information management can improve both patient safety and outcomes while supporting high OT throughput with maximal flexibility.

What is Modular Operation Theatre ?

A continues flow of highly filtered ‘bacteria free’ air is recalculated using Air handling unit under positive pressure into the operating area by ceiling suspended laminar air flow. Maintaining the temperature and humidity as per requirement of client and decrease the bacteria growth, as fastest death of bacteria occurs at 45 – 50% RH. Field and air contaminant generated during surgery are removed from the area using return air riser with anti-bacterial paint applied on seamless wall panel or wall, which has durability up to 8 – 10 years depending upon use.

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