Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

We at Atlantis Hospital, understand the impact of diet and nutrition on an individual’s body, and take pride in the various services that we offer in this field, which include the following:

Inpatient Services

Nutritional Clinic

Nutritional counseling, provided by dieticians in a private and confidential setting is available at our hospitals. It is aimed at providing the best-in-class services by highly trained dieticians.

Speciality areas:

Cancer Center

Patients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy can consult a dietician to help optimize their nutritional status. The dietician also assists patients with dietary strategies to minimize side effects that may occur during cancer therapy.

Community Outreach

The dieticians at Atlantis Hospital are also involved in many community programs. Lectures on Nutrition importance are offered to women’s & senior citizen groups, school programs, various support groups and local corporations.

Food Services

The Food Services staff works very closely with the dieticians to offer nutritionally adequate and satisfying platters to patients, staff, guests, and visitors. The staff takes great care to prepare and expedite the appropriate physician-ordered diet order for patients.

Therapeutic diets for patients

Provide Therapeutic diets for inpatients like Diabetic Diet, Low Salt, and High Protein etc. according to the patient’s condition, likes and dislikes which help the patients to recover faster.